Science On Tap

Monday, November 5, 2018

Fusion: Creating a Star on Earth for Clean and Limitless Energy

Fusion is the reaction that powers the sun. If controlled thermonuclear fusion can be harnessed here on Earth, it would provide a clean, sustainable, limitless energy source for all humankind. This is a grand scientific challenge, and scientists and engineers around the world are getting closer than ever. But how do you actually create a miniature star on earth? There are two options — magnets or lasers — but which one is best? At this Science on Tap, join us to learn about what fusion is, how we could use it, and hear two different ideas for how to make it. On the laser side, Dr. Tammy Ma, experimental plasma physicist from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. On the magnet side, Dr. Arturo Dominguez, from the Science Education Department at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. Come learn plasma, fusion, possibilities for clean energy, and see some exciting demonstrations as well!